I write to earn my keep, but this thing right here is purely recreational: to account for all of the wasted time. Sewing. Crafting. Watching people sew or craft on Youtube. Manfriend (eh hem, fiance husband) works erratic hours and on the weekend, which leaves me with a lot of solo QT with the sewing machine. And the Netflix machine. Recently moved to DC! And now have that lovely brick wall as a backdrop. If you’ve got something to say that you don’t want to say to everyone, you can reach me on wastedmyweekends@gmail.com.

Here’s are some measurements and sizing references that might help you check how relevant my reviews might or might not be to you.

Height: 5’3″ Just too short for regular sizing, slightly too tall for petites dresses and skirts to be considered office appropriate.

Other measurements: High bust-34; Full bust- 37; Waist-27; Hips-36 (though much of this is front and back loaded on my ‘athletic’ frame; my body has never met an A-line piece of clothing it liked).

RTW sizing: Jcrew shorts and pants with some stretch: 2; Jcrew woven pants: 4; Banana Republic pants: 4 petite is a dream; Jcrew dresses: 4, for a snug fit on the bust, 6 otherwise; tshirts: xs to small, depending on neck cut and material; sweaters: typically a small; button-ups: typically a 4, though sometimes an 8 petite works for the bust line!





  1. I found you via Beth @Sunny Gal Studio. So glad to find a Petite sewing blogger. And thank you so much for the RTW sizing info. I don’t travel to the US too often now and was always lost when shopping. Now that I sew most of my clothes, sizing is a complete mystery so this information is precious. (I want to make pretty dresses but still buy jeans and black pants occasionally).

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