Baby Blankets for Lazy Sewists: A Super-Simple DIY Quilt

In that last few months, we’ve had two new babies to celebrate. I wanted to give them (eh hem, their parents) something handmade, but I also wanted to make something useful and fast. I don’t have the saint-like patience for tiny-stitch knit blankets or intricately-pieced quilting. I also don’t really have the time if I want to get back to clothes sewing and hold down a paying job.

So, here’s what I came up with for a striking but quick baby blanket. First I made this:

lazy-baby-quilt-g-2       lazy-baby-quilt-g-1

And then this:


I’m an embarrassingly slow sewer and it took me about six hours start (pulling fabric out of closet) to finish (final press on binding). (more…)


Sack Dresses for Work: A Lined Inari Tee Dress without the Slits

I spent all day yesterday in the sewing room trying to make some progress on a man’s overcoat for my husband that’s been in the works now for three fall seasons. It’s been cut out since probably very late 2014, and I’ve picked it up a few more times before getting frustrated with the level of hand sewing, cutting into my facing and coming up short on fabric, or — as with yesterday — realizing that the coat is just. too. short. I’ve got a plan to use hem facings to get me an inch back and open up the shoulder seams to get me 1/2”-1”, but that project is slouching dangerously towards the ‘well at least I learned something’ category.


Here’s a progress shot. It makes me feel sad.


To remind myself that not everything’s a failure, I think it’s time to revisit the Inari Tee Dress from Named. I made two versions this summer and they were in heavy rotation through July and August.

First,  was in a black linen from Gorgeous Fabrics. The second I made up in a more work-appropriate heavier sueded silk from Fabric Mart Fabrics probably two years ago, and I eliminated the slits.

named-inari-15 (more…)

McCalls6927 - 2

A Smattering of Projects: A catch-up post

It’s been a minute since the last post, and I have a lot of garments I want to write about. Thing is, if past is any prologue, it might not happen; I keep choosing sewing over blogging when apportioning my hobby time. So, knowing this but also knowing I’ve got a few thoughts I want to share on past projects, I present you: a smattering of garments made but not yet logged. There are a few more banked that deserve greater attention and I’ll write about at more length. But for now, some thoughts on McCall’s 6927 tee shirt in silk; Style Arc’s Gabriella skirt; Collette’s Wren dress; Style Arc’s little french jacket (nee Livia); and Schnittchen’s Coco Jacket.


Changing Stripes. Or: Look, I made a dress that isn’t a solid color.

Marfy 3367 - 1

Okay, so a couple months back I started having a fever dream for the hi-lo split hem t-shirt dress that is the Inari tee from Named.

This because I wanted a short-sleeve t-shirt dress that was dressy-ish enough to fit into a tidy little capsule wardrobe. You know how these things go: ou have a trip coming up. You start searching pinterest for things like ‘HOW TO FIT A WEEK’S TRAVEL IN A SINGLE CARRY ON’, which leads to attractive capsule wardrobe pins, and suddenly you’re thinking that you can’t possibly travel with the clothes currently in your closet and you must make some.


So as I was looking at the Inari dress, I was like: wait a minute! I don’t have to compulsively buy every cutely-photographed pattern. I already have a split, hi-lo hem short sleeve dress pattern, that I’ve made before. Hello Marfy Catalog 2014/2015. Specifically, welcome back Marfy 3367. (more…)

Just a Quickie: Reprise of Colette’s Mabel Skirt

This was the third and final item of pre-vacation sewing binge. Added to the queue because it was simple, and because I hadn’t really internalized that the weather would be winter-y and not spring-y.

mabel - 1

This is the Colette Mabel. I’ve reviewed it before [after sewing ten versions of the same skirt], but that was the mini and this is the pencil. Just a few notes, and a question… (more…)

I Swear I Needed This: Butterick 6244


B6244 Header - 1

All right! So here we have item 2 of 3 from pre vacation sewing binge. Barcelona was meant to be high of like 55 or 60 degrees — read: 40 degrees most of the time. So all rational thought led me to “I probably need a light weight jacket for that weather.” I mean, you could argue that I already had a light weight jacket for that kind of weather, but you know: shiny, new, etc.  (more…)