Craft Fail. Or: How I Became the Victim of Baby Shoes.


Why a failure? They’re just adorable little baby shoes that make you want to go find a baby for cheek-pinching purposes, aren’t they?

They are.

Made using this pattern from Purl Soho, graded up for 18 months according to the handy linked-to chart.

And some suede from an old shirt which I may have bought and LOVED freshman year of college. Yes, a suede shirt.

And they turned out all right!

But when I was having a hard time stabbing my normal needle through the leather, I grabbed that stupid needle with the tips of my front teeth and pulled. And chipped a tooth. A tiny little chip, but a chip.

Craft. Fail.

Another wedding muslin is scheduled for this week. Cross your fingers, anyway.


  1. These are so cute! I love that you used an old shirt, very cool. Sorry about the tooth but it just shows that you suffer for your art 🙂 How would you do it next time? With an awl punch first? Or just a different needle and some pliers? I’ve never done anything with leather before, but have visions of wallets and purses and gadget cases…

    1. Actually! I should have said. After the tooth problem, I used a fat sewing machine needle (out of the sewing machine). I used it as though it were an awl, punching the leather, and then sliding it up the needle a bit (sorry Ikea kitchen table). Sewing machine needles are a little rectangular towards the top so it stretched the leather a bit.

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