Wasted Wedding Dress Project: First Post

Behold, the future.

from the front pretend that crap isn't on the floor

This is the beginning of the wedding dress project. Here is a picture of what I hope it will look like in the end.

oh i'm so sure

(I was not an art student.)

Here is a link to where I’ll likely end up having to buy the dress, in case this entire thing ends in tears.

And here is my imagined composition for the dress — partially self-drafted — so far:

1. Self-drafted block.

2. Skirt from Vogue 8648, scaled down from size 14 because someone can’t read a size chart properly.

3. Self-drafted waist band piece.

Eventually, I want the bottom to be flared and flowy. After a Saturday visit to Mood Fabrics, I’m leaning towards crepe de chine for the flowy and forgiving look I’m going for. Think this, but without being able to see every outline of flesh. Oh, and also not being able to see inside the back.

The Vogue skirt has seven panels, which either seems like a pain in the ass or a perfect opportunity for inserting some godets. For now, I’m hoping the latter.

And here is my planned process:

1. Self-draft bodice block. Done! It didn’t turn out so hot because your natural waist is not where the bottom of your shirt should hit, but maybe I’ll put it up some day.

2. Make a muslin for the full dress. Done! For this, I’ve lowered the waist from the Vogue 8648 skirt quite a bit (about 4 inches) and extended the bodice block muslin to meet it. Also, make a waist band.

3. Make a second muslin for the full dress. Because you know you’re supposed to and this is not the time to cut corners.

4. Using the knee-length, make a dress for work.

5. Make a THIRD muslin. With extended floor-length skirt pieces and godet panels.

6. Last step! Make the wedding dress. 

This will be awesome.

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  1. you have so much ambition! I admire you taking this project on. I opened my machine yesterday to hem some pants – and never went back. You’re amazing -can’t wait to follow it all

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