Project Management

It was when I packed my black hole duffel (really, that’s its name) to go to my parents’ on a Monday about two weeks ago that I realized how out of hand things were.

I was taking not one, not two, but three sewing projects for a four-day weekend. One of these had not existed a mere 24 hours prior to packing.

So I made a list, and this is what’s on it:

– lavandar cushion for housewarming/birthday present

– bodice block-derived top (I should explain, I know)

– lining to install into existing shirt (done! now anyway)

– dress for work (woven material)

– um, pattern for that dress for work

– wedding dress

– lavandar stuffed ornaments — will likely be the first to go

– throw blanket

-fingerless gloves

-refashion of dress that was never quite right

And, more remotely

– other dress for work (knit)

– modge podge galaxy coasters

the world quilt

– jeans patch

These suckers are breeding and making little craft spawn. A day before leaving as I was finalizing the bodice block-derived shirt that is the first piece on the road to a wasted wedding dress (f’real I’m going to try it) and cutting out fabric to bring with me on the trip I was like “There’s so much extra lining fabric here. Is there something else I want to line?” Of course there is.

So I pinned the shirt down, traced it so nicely, cut out the fabric and was just another hour in the hole.

There are so many unread New Yorkers in my apartment right now.

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