Faux Jumpsuit: A two-piece set for the romper-shy

Ogden Cami faux jumpsuit

I like a good romper trend as much as the next little sewist, but I was having a hard time coming around to that #fullnakedtopee life back in May when I wanted to sew something casual but fun for a family event at the beginning of June. 

So instead I came up with this— the Ogden cami from True Bias, atop the Vanessa fluid pant from Jalie. They’re in a thin pinstripe rayon woven which I bought from Mood Fabrics with a Helmi dress in mind. But plans change, the sewing heart wants what it wants, cliche, etc, and I made a faux jumpsuit instead.

I modified the Ogden cami back when I was pregnant to accommodate a D cup, and lengthened to a dress. Post-partum I made a tank I never blogged using the same version and it still worked.

But I’m not sure I need the modification anymore, and I don’t think I ever got that dart placement quite right. Probably time for a retrace and fit.

The top is also fully lined instead of using the shorter modesty facing that comes with the top. I like it, and I can’t see much of a reason for using the shorter half-lining unless you’re trying to conserve yardage? I wore this in Puerto Rico, in the hot hot sun, on a 10-seater airplane without aircon, and I don’t think the extra bit of silk lining on my belly caused much discomfort.

For the Vanessas! I’ve been doing some long hard thinking about woven drapey pants this summer. I like the Calyers from French Navy Now. I also have the StyleArc Eddie and Antoinette. In the end, I wasn’t looking for anything too fitted (see: faux romper) and I had the Vanessa pattern in my stash already, so I went with that.

I cut a size T, in line with my measurements. I added some turned-up cuffs, which I think finish the pant in a casual but tidy way. 

But I’m not in loooove with the fit, tbh. There’s something a little funny with the crotch that’s visible here.

And while it doesn’t look like it in the photos, the legs are ever-so-slightly too slim for a fabric without any give. It’s very, very noticeable when I do deep squats (#toddlermom). One day soon it’s going to result in a busted seam. And it might explain these funny drag lines in the back.

So I’d be interested in trying these again, and I’d both go up a size and make them up in an aggressively drapey fabric (this one is more floaty than drapey. when i went to go find the link for the fabric from mood i noticed that it was described as a shirting, so, oops.). Not sure if that’ll resolve the funny crotch business, but maybe!

In the mean time imma wear this set til it breaks. 


  1. that is a great outfit. For most things I make I add 1/2″ along the side seam when cutting out and then decide on fit as I sew. that has saved me many a time from a fit problem. And yes to faux jumpsuits!

  2. Looks great! I’ve been thinking of making a faux-verall as well, mainly to avoid the crotch pulling (or making it sag to be comfy). Plus if I use a strong print, I could also decide to wear it as separates. This has convinced me! I could indeed imagine it in a slightly drapey knit.

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